Magnetic Graffiti Magnet Displays

gift magnets spinning display magnetic graffitiHandmade displays to show off your magnets in style!

Our magnet displays are individually handmade and feature our own unique, four-sided, spinning design with handy storage compartment under the lid. The spinning display will quickly become the gathering place in your store!

magnetic graffiti fridge magnets

• Attractive and effective four-sided spinning counter display showcases 64 magnets, lid lifts off to provide extra storage inside. Shipped to you with a minimum order of 150 magnets. Refundable deposit required.

• Spinning display measures 9 1/4″ wide x 16″ tall including handle on lid.

• Requires only 13″ space to spin on counter.

• All display fixtures provided by us are on loan to shops, and retailers agree to use it to display Magnetic Graffiti magnets only.

• Refundable damage/loss deposit paid with initial display fixture order.

“I can’t keep your magnets in stock – they buy them by the handful! Perfect strangers get around the Magnetic Graffiti display and laugh, and talk to each other like old friends. Your magnets make people happy. The atmosphere in my shop is wonderful!”