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About Magnetic Graffiti

Kitty and Creek Norris of Magnetic Graffiti

Magnetic Graffiti was founded in 1973 by Michael and Caroline Norris, Magnetic Graffiti is an established, growing, nationwide, family-owned and operated business, providing the ultimate in prompt and personal service while paying a living wage to all employees.

magnetic graffiti fridge magnets

All our graphics and designs are created by Michael and Caroline Norris. Manufacturing and distribution are done entirely in Northern California, USA, with pride. All raw materials are made in USA. Magnetic Graffiti’s warehouse and distribution center are 100% solar powered. We use environmentally friendly printing inks and reused or recycled packing and shipping materials. All by-products are also reused or recycled.

Our company philosophy is:
“We are all in this together. We are all on the same team.”

We enjoy working with people we can consider as friends and family. We are real people, making meaningful gifts that connect people through humor. Our magnets are handmade in Willits, California, USA, in the heart of fabulous Mendocino County.

“Of all the people I order from, you are the nicest, the easiest and the most pleasant to work with. You get the orders to me on time, and they are accurate, with no hassles, great service. Your magnets are also the best selling thing in my store, everybody loves them and the assortments are great. Everything sells real evenly. You are really doing something right!”