Customer Testimonials

magnetic graffiti wholesale fridge magnet giftsCustomer Testimonials

We heard it through the grapevine…

“The best thing in my shop. A quick gift.”

“You guys ring my register!”

“Our customers love your magnets, and so do we!”

magnetic graffiti fridge magnets

In over 30 years of doing business, we have heard a lot of wonderful things! Yes, all these comments below are real!

“Just a note to let you know how much we love your products, your enthusiasm, your personal touches, everything about Magnetic Graffiti. People are in stitches and they fly off the wall!”

“Thanks so much for being so prompt. We’ve sold quite a handful just in the first day and a half . . . and heard some good belly laughs along the way. We’ll be ordering more soon!”

“They cleaned us out 8 at a time. We have them right next to the register. Everyone stops and reads and loves them. They all buy at least 3 or 4. You have something for everyone. We even sell your serious ones. We are blowing them out the door. Send more, by air, hurry!”

“They came. They laughed. They bought. The magnets are all gone!”

“Magnetic Graffiti sells for us no matter what the weather, the time of year, the state of the economy, or the buying mood. Even when traffic is way down, I still sell Magnetic Graffiti magnets.”

“Magnetic Graffiti is the #1 selling item in my shop!” [many shops tell us this, over and over]

“Your magnets are the best selling item in their department in the entire country” [hotel gift shop chain]

Yours are the best magnets we have ever had – Thanks!”

Just perfect in every way . . . The sayings are adorable . . . They sell like crazy . . . Can’t keep them in the shop!”

“I need another 300 magnets. They are so hysterically funny and wonderful. They bring so much joy to the customers . . . they just stand there and laugh!”

“Perfect strangers get around the Magnetic Graffiti display and laugh and talk to each other like old friends. Your magnets make people happy. The atmosphere in my shop is wonderful. I can’t keep your magnets in stock, they buy them by the handful.”

“Everybody of all ages and groups start reading and laughing and pulling them off the display . . .”

“They are flying out of the shop! Can’t keep them in stock!”

“I can always tell where the people are in my shop from the laughter as they read your magnets. Your magnets keep people in my store longer and in a good mood. They spend 10 or 15 minutes at your display and then they buy half a dozen.”

“I enjoy having this line in my store. Everyone leaves smiling. Our customers love your magnets, and so do we!”

“Magnets always did real well for us but these are exceptional!”

“The best thing in my shop. A quick gift.”

“People come into the shop for something else and find your magnets – a pleasant surprise! Everyone loves them and everyone buys at least one.”

“Even when we are slow Magnetic Graffiti sells well. It is the most popular item in the shop, and a great add on to other sales. A terrific impulse item.”

“There is nothing out there that competes with your magnets.”

“Of all the people I order from you are the nicest, the easiest and most pleasant to work with. You get the orders to me on time, and they are accurate with no hassles, great service. Your magnets are also the best selling thing in my store, everybody loves them and the assortments you send me are great. Everything sells real evenly. You’re really doing something right!”

“Thank you for the prompt service. Other companies make me wait weeks for my order, you ship it within hours of my call!”

“Everything you send me sells. They are so cute and everybody loves them. Please double my usual order – I don’t want to run out!”

“You guys ring my register!!”

“Customers can’t pass them up, they are drawn to them, then they buy. One man got half way out the door, came back to read the magnets, and bought a handful. I just love to watch the people’s faces as they read your magnets – the joy they bring our customers!”

“Sold the whole display full in one week”

“Everybody always finds at least one that fits them”

“People just gather around for a half hour and laugh. They are very popular. Even the store staff buys them!”

“I have to reorder! I just had a 60 magnet sale to the nicest lady!”

“I told my Home Office Buyer “whatever you do, do not ever discontinue Magnetic Graffiti” The Buyer said back to me – “You are the 3rd person today who said that to me!””

“Our shop needed that little shot in the arm. We love them!”

“I always enjoy getting a new batch of magnets You are so clever and witty. Also, a lot of them say things people think but do not verbalize. Keep it up!”

“I just had a 50 magnet sale to one customer, and it is not even Christmas!”

“*We are thrilled to get our first order & they’re selling like hotcakes!”

“Selling Magnetic Graffiti is like being the host at a really good party, everyone laughing and having fun!”

“We haven’t been busy these days, but we sell more of your magnets than anything else in the store. We need 150 more, quickly!” [In the South in blazing hot August]

“We are a shop in a hotel with many business meetings. People come in the shop, read the magnets, tell all their friends. Before they leave the hotel they all come back and buy.”

“Regardless of how bad a day it is here, your magnets sell. They are the backbone of my business.”

“Great impulse item!”

“Recession proof little rascals.”

“It is so marvelous having your magnets in my shop and hearing all the laughter! Even the grumpy customers smile and laugh. People come to my shop just for your magnets!”

“I hope our company always supports you and your products. Your magnets have magic!”

“I just sold 20 magnets to one man, and he has 8 more on order from me”

“Your magnets are fabulous. They just blow out the door, & you are so nice to work with.”

“Got ’em lined up and laughing left and right. Can’t keep ’em in the store!”

“They sell themselves. You are not providing merchandise, you are providing happiness!”

“Your magnets are so great – thank you so very much! They bring inspiration and smiles to our faces often, to our customers always”

“Thanks for the Best Merchandise Line Ever!”

“We are selling your magnets like there is no tomorrow!”

“It was hard to believe that one could get so excited over magnets, but we do, and have so much fun with them!”

“They buy 10 or 15 at a time, and I say, “Let them!” 3 *We blow ’em out. Never seen anything like ’em!”

“We were in a rut with our magnets, then we found you. I never found anything that tickled me as much, and the more I looked at them the more I knew I had to have them for my shop.”

“We love your sayings. We laughed out loud as we were unpacking our shipment. It came on a day when I really needed a laugh. Now my own fridge is full of them, so I think of you every day!”

“Your magnets will never go out of style. A lady bought one for everyone at work and everyone in her family.”

“Every time we call, you are so cheery! Such a pleasure to order from you!”

“Thanks for the order. I only wish all my vendors were as nice and easy to work with. Your little efforts have made my life and job a lot easier. I thank you!”

“Delightful! You can tell where your customers are by peals of laughter!”

“Sales are awesome, the magnets are hysterical!”

“If you’re down and out, you go read the magnets. We have lots of women who come in here just nosing around. Pretty soon you hear them laughing, and you know they’ve discovered your magnets.”

“Your magnets create the atmosphere in the store that puts people at ease, relaxed, casual and pleasant. Total strangers talk to each other. The people outside my shop hear the people inside, laughing about your magnets and come right in – your magnets actually pull the customers off the street into my shop. I am going to order them by the thousands!”

“A man just bought 45 of your magnets in my shop!”

“Can’t keep ’em on the display!”

“When people come into my shop in a bad mood I send them to read your magnets. By the time they leave they are happy people.”

“You make everybody’s day – we laugh our way all around your display. You have something important to say!”

“Sure cure for the blues!”

“People love your magnets. we sell 5,6,7 to a customer. Your selections are just perfect. We sell them all – none are ever left over or accumulate.”

“A lady came in and bought 9 magnets yesterday. They are selling so well. We are so pleased to have them in the store.”


“Everybody loves them!”

“I don’t know any other vendor that does as good a job sending us assortments where everything sells. You always pick what sells and don’t send us ones that just sit there. Other vendors are not flexible like you are. Everything you send us sells!”

“Magnetic Graffiti sales are right up there with newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, candy, gum, T shirts, film and pantyhose! Who could ask for anything more in a gift item!”

“The only problem we have with your magnets is keeping them in stock – they sell so well!”

“Magnetic Graffiti sales are equal to – or better than – the souvenirs in my shop, every week”

“You cannot imagine the space you have at this shop – the entire window from floor to ceiling! Wow!”

“Thanks for the special hand picked assortment. One customer bought ALL of them!”

“My customers stop and read every magnet.”

“My customers amuse themselves with your magnetic messages.”

“I love your magnets, and so do my customers!”

“My shop has an entire wall for your magnets – a very big area, and all for Magnetic Graffiti.”

“They STICK! No sliding down the refrigerator to the floor – thanks!”

“Magnetic Graffiti brings Joy to the World!”

“All the celebrities buy your magnets in my shop.”

“Congratulations on your magnet being on 48 Hours with Dan Rather!”

“Ride a Winner!”

“You are such a delight to work with – thanks for the sunshine you always send!”

“The only complaint I have is that I want more of your magnets, more often.”

“From a retail customer, male: I bought the “Mother” magnet last season. My Mom and I were having trouble relating. I gave it to her. It started a real conversation between us. Thanks for making a difference in my life” [this was such a treasure to hear!]

“So glad we found you – I’m sure our association will last for many years”

“Our refrigerator is a mass of your magnets. We have a small house with a small kitchen, but that does not stop people from congregating just to read the magnets. Thank you for your work!” [letter from a retail customer]

“I have treasured our association over the many years of owning my shop”

“Love your selection of cat magnets – they are all true!”

“We saw your work on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!”

“Everybody is a Magnetic Graffiti person!”