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be_nice_magnetThese high quality refrigerator magnets are unbreakable, and cling tenaciously to any steel surface such as your refrigerator, file cabinet, or dashboard of your car. Magnetic Graffiti custom magnets are extremely popular wherever they appear and sell all over the U.S. at prices averaging $3 to $6 a piece, retail.

We do not produce a printed brochure as our magnet inventory and selection is constantly changing

Magnetic Graffiti magnets are extremely popular wherever they are sold, averaging $3-$6 a piece, retail.

NOTE: We are no longer offering the Display Stands.

magnetic graffiti fridge magnets

Custom magnets can be ordered in wholesale quantities of assorted magnets as follows:

A box of 100 assorted magnets is the minimum quantity for initial order and reorders. We also sell boxes of 150, 200, etc, assorted magnets. If you’d like a broader selection and variety of magnets, we highly recommend ordering the larger assortments. We hand select a balanced assortment of magnets for you, suited perfectly for your store’s demographics and time of year.

We offer a 60 day risk-free trial!

Every time you reorder we re-evaluate your assortment and make any adjustments to suit that particular time in your shop. We create custom packages to fill the unique needs of specialty and theme shops such as pet shops (cat, dog themes), wine tasting rooms, card or bookstores, airports, and hotel news and gift shops, parks, various tourist attractions.

Magnetic Graffiti magnets are sold in wholesale quantities. If you’re a retailer and would like to offer these delightful refrigerator gift magnets to your customers, click below to create your Magnetic Graffiti account:

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NOTE: We are no longer offering the Display Stands.

“Even when we are slow, Magnetic Graffiti sells well. The magnets are the most popular item in the shop, and a great add-on to other sales. A terrific impulse item.”