Your Customers and Ours Love Magnetic Graffiti Magnets

Magnetic Graffiti wholesale gift magnetsWho buys Magnetic Graffiti Magnets?

Everyone!  We have one of the few products that is appreciated by your customers regardless of age, gender, occupation, interest, or demographic. Gift giving is about connecting. Magnetic Graffiti magnets are about genuine emotions and foster connections between people.

magnetic graffiti fridge magnets

Magnetic Graffiti Customers

Why customers buy Magnetic Graffiti magnets:

Magnetic Graffiti magnets are colorful, whimsical and handcrafted. Magnetic Graffiti magnets tell a story, send a greeting of love, friendship, caring, humor, wit and wisdom, they offer the right thing to say at the right time. It is like an excellent greeting card but even better as it is permanently available to see and appreciate over and over. Plus, our magnets hold up other important notes on your fridge!

We have over 400 different messages that speak briefly, brilliantly, with lighthearted humor, and in good taste, about nearly every topic – pet peeves, smart remarks, sincere good wishes, loving thoughts and messages, rationalizations, wit and wisdom, contemporary humor, our canine and feline companions, work, office and school.

Our magnets are easy to mail, easy to enclose in a greeting card, stuff in a Christmas stocking or gift basket, and easy to carry in your pocket for little gifts on a vacation or business trip. They make excellent business and corporate thank you gifts and rewards to clients, salespeople, and other achievers. They are permanent, strong and do not break, rust, rot, or sour. Magnetic Graffiti is forever!

Magnetic Graffiti’s fridge magnets are good, clean, fun!
We take your success personally!

“People come into the shop for something else and find your magnets – a pleasant surprise! Everyone loves them and everyone buys at least one!”